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Safe Home? Follow These Kitchen Fire Prevention and Safety Tips

Many people, especially moms tend to spend most of their time in the kitchen. And it’s the same place where disasters like fire are likely to happen than anywhere else in the house. In fact, cooking is the leading cause of home fires and injuries.

Here’s how you can avoid kitchen fires.

Cooking related fires

  • Avoid cooking when you are drunk or feeling unwell.
  • Avoid distractions in the kitchen.
  • Avoid loose fitting clothes as they tend to catch fire easily.
  • Don’t leave children in the kitchen when cooking is ongoing.
  • Turn the cooker or oven off after you’ve finished cooking.
  • Take pans off the heat if you need to step out of the kitchen.
  • Avoid placing anything that can easily catch fire on the oven or stove.
  • Clean your stove every night to avoid grease and fat build-up.

Kitchen appliances

  • Get rid of power cords and extensions that are frayed or damaged.
  • Unplug electrical appliances such as microwaves, blender when not in use.
  • Look for wear and tear signs on gas cylinders and pipes.
  • Never insert anything metallic on the microwave.
  • If you accidentally spill water over any electrical appliances, dry them immediately as you can easily forget.
  • Keep all electrical appliances clean and in good condition.
  • Avoid overloading sockets and extension leads.

More kitchen safety tips

  • Do away with curtains in the kitchen.
  • Get fire extinguishers suitable for use in the kitchen.
  • Invest in a smoke alarm system.
  • Take CPR and first aid lessons.
  • Don’t allow your pets in the kitchen.
  • Keep lighters and matchsticks out of kids reach.

What to do in case a fire breaks out

  • Use the recommended kitchen fire extinguisher.
  • Never use water to put out fire.
  • If the pan catches fire, turn of the heating source and cover the pan. Do not touch it. You can as well use a suitable fire extinguisher if the fire is difficult to handle.
  • If the oven catches fire, shut its door and turn it off.
  • If your clothes catch fire, stop, drop and roll.
  • If you cannot put off the fire, close the door behind you, call 911, notify anyone around the house and get out.